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Two Oklahoma organ donors and one healthcare hero will be representing their state in the 2021 Tournament of Roses TV Special. Mariee Mena and Kolby Crum will be honored as organ donors, and Luci Pham will be recognized as a Healthcare Hero.

Every year, LifeShare of Oklahoma helps sponsor the Donate Life Float in the Tournament of Roses Parade to spread the message about organ, eye and tissue donation to a nationwide audience. This year, in lieu of a parade, the Tournament of Roses will have a floral sculpture that honors donors and donation health care professionals.

​LifeShare is the organ procurement organization in Oklahoma responsible for the recovery of organs and tissue for transplant purposes.

The 2021 Donate Life Rose Parade floral sculpture, “Community of Life” features a vibrant floral honeycomb built by bees, sharing the important message that we are stronger when we work together as a community. Twenty-one hexagonal memorial portraits of donors are interwoven within the honeycomb, symbolizing the life donors give through organ, eye and tissue donation. Much like the families and donors who have given the gift of life, bees epitomize a harmonious community that helps and benefits others. Just like busy bees, donation healthcare professionals devote every single day to make donation and transplantation possible; and the names of six health care professionals will be featured within the floral sculpture. Click below to read more.

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